Homestay Experience

How would you like to experience a homestay program without the huge expense and major preparations?  Well, that may be easier than you think and closer than you imagine!

Throughout the years, homestay programs and other activities with internationals have been a part of our family life. We have made many new friends and our children were also exposed to various cultures which has helped them see their world is much larger than what they knew but also not so very far away. 

Due to Covid, we have reinvented the homestay idea to create a similar experience that can fit the current reality and cope with so many restrictions imposed on travel.  It may be for one month, one week or one day per week, but you may experience an international home in your own country and at a much more affordable way, without interrupting your daily life and schedule!

With Mercedes, from Spain 2008
With Miharu, Tokyo 2021
With Abby from England and Luciana from Brazil, 2009
Homestay in Korea, 2019
Homestay in Aomori, 2018
Homestay in Korea, 2019

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