About Us

Fabio (Brazil) and Elizabeth (USA) met in Japan in 1999. They have been married since 2001 and have seven children. They work for a Christian organization in California, USA. As missionaries, their work is focused on seeing individual lives and families flourish socially, emotionally and spiritually. Some of their work consist of: Seminars and courses on the topic of family life, marriage and parenting, parent counseling; online school and books published in Portuguese; Bible classes; Community service through social activities in parks, community centers, schools, nursing homes and orphanages. They often pursue to work in partnership with the city, local schools, community centers, associations, various organizations and churches in the area and other parts of Japan, USA, Brazil and Korea. “Together we can make this world a better place!



Serving the

In Tokyo

2019年にシカゴからのチームと提携して開催したイベント。 活動の中には、小・中・高校での文化交流も含まれていました。 地元のチャーチとのコラボレーション、キッズクラブ、バスケットボールゲーム。

Serving the

In Nagasaki


Summer Picnics
International fun time at the park
Making new friends and playing together
Mama & Kids English Fun Time
2021 Thanksgiving party in Nagayo (60 people)
2021 Christmas Celebration in Nagayo (110 people)
2022 Thanksgiving Party - Univ. of Foreign Language Studies

Serving the

In the USA

2004 - 2008

Ministering to Hispanic immigrants in Chicago

Serving the

In Brazil

2009 - 2017

Father & Son Camping

Teaching children about bullying and relationships through speech and skit.

Public schools, Drug rehabs, Orphanages, Children in Poverty and Sports activities.

Family Seminar - Parenting