¡Amigos! Language and Culture
Exchange in Nagasaki

Come and join us for a fun time of learning from other people, discovering new cultures, exploring new languages. Find new friends and share of your experience and knowledge as well!

Tokyo 2018
Cultural Exchange with Lorra and Cathy from China- Chicago 2005
Language Exchange - Chicago 2003
Mexican Party - Chicago 2006
Argentina 2006
Multi-Cultural BBQ 2007
Culture Exchange- USA and Brazil 2011
Basketball Game at Brazilian Public School - 2011
Tokyo 2018
Tokyo 2019
2019 Visiting a Care Home in Tokyo
2019 Visiting Naruse High School for Cultural Exchange
Youth Camp Tokyo 2019
Thanksgiving Feast 2019
Culture Night - Tokyo 2019
2019 Culture Exchange Team Visit. Thank you card from students
2021 Thanksgiving Party - Nagayo Community Center
2021 Christmas Celebration - Nagayo Community Center
2022 Thanksgiving Party - Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies
2022 Christmas Celebration - Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies

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