Let's Talk! Bible and Coffee Time

Do you wonder what life is all about? 

Do you have questions about who God is? 

Do you wonder how to find answers to challenges in your life? 

What does the Bible have to teach about being a father, mother or spouse? What about family life, raising children and thriving at work? Have you ever been taught those things? 

We believe that the world’s BEST SELLER book, the Bible, is not only a beautiful text, but also extremely relevant for our lives today. After 20 years of marriage and 7 children, we can say with all confidence that we have learned valuable lessons to make our family healthy and strong – a great place to be. 

We enjoy finding answers for life’s questions together in an informal environment where we can freely discuss (over coffee!) any concerns, whether about the meaning of life, family relationships, or any other topic that may be on your mind.

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