Parenting and Marriage Counseling

In 2011, we founded “Família Desenho de Deus”, a family ministry in Brazil due to growing challenges parents were having with their children and how that was affecting not only their parent-child relationship but also marriage. We provided counseling, conducted seminars, ministered at conferences and published 3 books.

In 2018, we opened an online school for parents, teaching on a variety of topics concerning family life.

Now, in Japan, we hope to be of support to people who struggle in their marriage and with their children.

Having been married for over 20 years, coming from different cultures and backgrounds, and having seven children, we understand well the frequent need for sound advice! And we believe that the best source for such wisdom is found in the world’s BEST selling book, the Bible.  We have had the privilege of seeing many families experience great breakthroughs!


Parenting Seminar - 2017
Mother's Conference- 2016
Marriage Counseling
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